Dems and gun control, why doesn’t that apply to illegal immigrants

January 10, 2019

Dems and gun control, why doesn’t that apply to illegal immigrants


Twitter Bans Laura Loomer For ______?

January 9, 2019

Laura Loomer joins to talk about CAIR lobbying twitter for her removal. Anna Paulina breaks down what the impact of POTUS address will be.


Carl Higbie Strikes Again!

January 8, 2019
Ocasio Cortez on 60 minutes, Hank Johnson Strikes again, I sat down for Coffee with one of my biggest Twitter Trolls and apparently Trump’s wall is a monument to White nationalism.

Welcome Back America To The Carl Higbie Show

January 4, 2019

Miss me? The hard hitting commentary is back!


Joe Biggs joins me to talk about his Twitter war with Rep Swalwell

November 19, 2018

Remember when Congressman Swalwell said he would nuke Americans who didn't turn in their guns... Joe Biggs was the guy who got that going


Will Pelosi be speaker and why Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

November 15, 2018

Avenatti may have punched his girlfriend in the face, newly elected muslim congresswoman flips on Israel after election.

Republicans need to stop running campaigns on how to govern while the left runs PR campaigns... and they are beating us

Can we please vote on some voting accountability before the gun grabbers are “elected” and run conservatives out of town


Solution to renewable energy…

November 13, 2018

You want clean energy?
If Trump were to say:
The first company that invents a reliable, renewable alternative energy equal to or greater to fossil fuel, them and their employees will pay no taxes for 10 years... it will be the next space race


Kristin Tate joins me for a GREAT chat

November 12, 2018

Hillary 2022? Broward county, Dan Crenshaw/SNL, Will Pelosi end up being speaker anyway? And why people actually support Trump.



News cycle is so fast

November 8, 2018

Shooting in gun controlled CA, RBG is down hard, Acosta is a disrespectful partisan hack and Jeff Sessions quitting/fired is NOT a constitutional Crisis.