Can Trump actually end anchor babies with and executive order?

October 30, 2018

I combed the internet for precedent, legal basis and constitutional interpretation to see if it is possible

Muller goes for obstruction, its no longer about Russia


Horrific shooting this weekend by a mad man, where has morality and civility gone

October 29, 2018

The power of rage, how the left has pulled on your heartstrings to capitalize your vote


Bet ya Beto runs in 2020, welfare in exchange for votes & dems skirt blame for their rhetoric

October 25, 2018

Liberal skirt blame for rhetoric, Avanatti is referred for criminal charges, are people voting for a living and I think Beto will run for president in 2020


China re-education camps, Bombs by mail and Media Hysteria

October 24, 2018

China is literally trying to delete and entire ideology from their population and no one is saying anything about it

Bombs are being mailed to prominent Democrats while the media throws around blame with no facts

the Migrant mob continues, what will happen when the meet our military?

Corey Booker is accused of sexual assault, does he still think everyone should be believed? 


PETA goes full moron, Corey booker actually has a decent idea, Voter ID and IMF treaty

October 24, 2018

PETA says drinking milk is white supremacy. 


NRA members are more law abiding than Democrats

October 22, 2018

STOP the Migrant train at any cost.

MUST reign in our deficit… Some of the dumbest things out gov’t spends our money on.

The Democratic party platform and what does it actually stand for?


Sometimes I wonder what our country will look like if Dems win in November

October 18, 2018

-Avenatti loses again, being ordered to pay over $10mm

-Snow White is apparently a movie based on sexual assault

-Louis Farrakhan is a jack ass

-More physical attacks from the Left

-And Vox got it wrong again, I crush their article


Discrimination at Harvard, Fusion GPS and the Electoral college simplified

October 17, 2018

Donald Trump is hitting the left with punch after punch and they can’t get their footing


Why do we have an electoral college?

October 16, 2018

Breaking down why stupid people are confused that even though Hillary won the popular vote, she is still not the president. 


Elizabeth Warren is definitively NOT native American

October 15, 2018

1/1024th can't even open a casino... But it will get you into college I guess